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Fridge selfie.
Portugal, The Man!!!
Whiskey Smash at High West Distillery. Nom! #utah #parkcity
Arnold Palmer jelly shots. Delicious, refreshing, and intoxicating. ;) Happy 4th!
Our river rafting trip last weekend was so much fun! #rafting #wyoming #riverrats
Baby Mo the mini donkey, being miniature and adorable. #cuteoverload #babyanimals
Mo the baby miniature donkey and his momma. #minimini #minidonkey #cuteoverload #babyanimals
Green River sundog #sundog #sky #camping

Floating the Green River

Sydney playing fetch. Happy puppies ♥ ♥ ♥


Manhattanhenge happens tonight!
Twice a year, the sun sets between buildings in New York to make for especially epic photos of the sun hovering above the horizon.
A telephoto lens will help get a close view of the sun
The sun will set at 8:15 PM tonight, but get there early.
Get as far east in Manhattan for the best effect
34th and 42nd St are notable for getting the Empire State Building & the Chrysler Building in to your photo
14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th Streets will also give you views clear across to the west, where the sun sets
Manhattanhenge is Tonight
via WNYC Radiolab; photo via Reuters


How can you not love 3D puppies!

Not a Hipster Fire. Obv.